Visit Piano Book + Accompaniment Tracks

Accompaniment Tracks are Downloadable files available instantly, the Piano Book is a physical product and will arrive through the mail.

Sing along to your favorite songs from The Visit (Koiné vol V) with these non-vocal accompaniment tracks.  These are the same recordings from the regular albums, only without the vocal tracks. Four bonus tracks are included with slightly altered melodies. Use them for worship, vacation Bible school, or use them in the classroom. This digital download also comes bundled with a digital lyric book so you're ready to use this resource as soon as you download the product.

Package includes 4 bonus tracks, alternate versions of tracks on the album:

  1. Invocation
  2. Just As I Am, without One Plea (No Invocation)
  3. Lord's Prayer (Part 1 Prayer of the Bride)
  4. Lord's Prayer (Part 2)

Plus, all 18 tracks from Koine's 2014 Album "Visit" compiled into one book.  Includes all vocal parts, piano, guitar chords, double bass, glockenspiel, whistle and accordion.

  1. Just As I Am, without One Plea
  2. Lord, to You I Make Confession
  3. Now Thank We All Our God
  4. How Blest Are They Who Hear
  5. Psalm 50
  6. Renew Me, O Eternal Light
  7. Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive
  8. Angels from the Realms of Glory
  9. Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands
  10. In Christ Alone 
  11. Lord You Love the Cheerful Giver 
  12. Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy)
  13. Verba (Words of Institution)
  14. Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)
  15. Blessed Jesus, Living Bread
  16. Nunc Dimittis (Song of Simeon)
  17. Lord’s Prayer
  18. When in Our Music God Is Glorified

Visit Piano Book + Accompaniment Tracks

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